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Anyone can tell you that the majority of my Facebook albums are pictures of food.  Also, that the majority of my free time is spent thinking about food or making food.  I’m one of those rare people who actually enjoys the process of cooking as much (or perhaps ven more) than eating the finished product.  In fact, out of love, I have been known to make foods that I don’t even like simply for the joy of cooking and making others smile.  The biggest recipient of these goods is my boyfriend, John, who devours my food (and then complains that I’m making him fat, causing me to make him the most delicious salad of his life).

I like to cook and to bake equally as well.  People who say you can’t do both are wrong.  They satiate different cravings.  I sometimes go through phases (like currently) where I want to do one more than the other.  Baking allows me to make beautiful things that satisfy my sweet tooth, impress people who can’t bake, and watch chemistry in action.  Cooking allows me to work on technique, learn how flavors meld by feel, and explore the world’s flavors.  It’s also incredibly fun to me to create a meal that involves several different processes and takes several hours.  Granted, I make dinner every night, and most nights I don’t spend more than half an hour on dinner.  And most nights dinner is pretty healthy.  But every so often I have the time and the desire to create a truly epic meal and that’s why I cook.

I like to make bread. Ice cream.  Salad dressing.  Fresh pasta.  Lots and lots of cookies.  I’m obsessed with oatmeal.  Ever since John got me a wok, I’ve been churning out stir fried like it’s my job (I wish it were!).  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures.  I don’t like to take shortcuts, for the most part.  I use minimal electronics.  I really love cookbooks and find it very difficult not to spend all my money buying them off Amazon.  My Amazon wishlist is about 50 items deep and there’s a real theme.  I should really just start asking for Amazon gift cards as gifts.  But then, where would I put it all?

My goals: I want to be better at making meat.  I would really really like to learn to make croissants.  Help me!

Contact me at AndreaFromScratch (at) gmail (dot) com.


Written by poperatzii

May 20, 2010 at 10:28 am

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