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I feel like writing about Thanksgiving.  I guess I should dash your hopes of a helpful Thanksgiving recipe against the wall, because I’ve never cooked Thanksgiving before and I don’t see it happening for several years.

Weird as it is (or at least it would be if you knew my family, right Camilo?) my family’s Thanksgiving is steeped in tradition.  The family assembles at my cousins’ house.  Their other cousins are also present.  My dad makes bread, my aunt makes the turkey and some of the sides, the other cousins bring mashed potatoes.  Everyone sort of contributes to dessert.  We usually arrive in the early afternoon.  When we were little, everyone who was not involved in making the meal would go play a game of soccer or kickball, which I think was mostly to get us out from underfoot.

We eat in the mid afternoon.  My aunt brings out the nice family silver (which I kind of wish would be passed on to me) and my youngest cousin (who is now 17!!) makes place cards for each family member.  Then we eat.  My family eats a lot.  The funny thing is, I don’t even like Thanksgiving food.  Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing… not a fan.  I live for the homemade bread, mashed potatoes, and pie.  But I love the tradition.  (Are you laughing yet?)

After dinner, when we were little at least, we light a fire in the fireplace and write letters to Santa.




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November 19, 2011 at 11:21 am

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