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Loving the Gas Stove

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Last weekend I had such a meal planned.  My newlywed friend and her newlywed husband were coming over for dinner.  I don’t know a lot of people in New Jersey, given that I live in a town full of families but not many adults under 30, so this is not a regular occurrence.  I was going to make shish kabobs, vegetarian curry, homemade naan, and pumpkin bread for dessert.  I was pumped.  I started cooking at 10 am.  I made six pounds of curry and stuck it in the fridge, planning to have the leftovers for lunch all week.  I started the lamb marinating in lemon juice, lots of garlic, shallots, and herbs.  It was cold in my apartment, so I prepared the naan early to give it a nice, long, slow rise.

Then it started snowing.

WTF?  It was October 29th.  Sure, there had been rumors of snow, but I didn’t take it seriously.  I was pissed.  My dinner plans cancelled.  I told John we were having the dinner party anyway, just the two of us.

Around 4pm the power went out.  You may have heard.  Thank god my stove is gas and not electric.

It’s okay.  We had a blast.

John made us some drinks.  Yes, that is a headlamp.

I made us some lamb and pumpkin tortellini.

I cooked some naan on the stove.  I know, not quite a clay oven but hey, the result was excellent.

It was like camping, really.  We even had a guitarist.

So when you’re looking at apartments or houses, make sure you remember that freak snowstorms can happen, a gas stove is a necessity, and maybe look into a fireplace too while you’re at it.


Written by poperatzii

November 5, 2011 at 10:29 am

Posted in Andrea Original, Bread

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  1. I wonder if my oven would work with no power. It’s controlled digitally….


    November 5, 2011 at 12:00 pm

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